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NuTEC Manufacturing offers a wide variety of Perforators and Scoring Devices that are perfect for any application. Available in many different widths to match up with your current forming equipment, NuTEC Perforators and Scoring Machines offer you a variety of different configurations to meet your needs.

NuTEC's Perforators and Scoring Machines can be specified to operate a "Top Only" configuration as well as "Top and Bottom". Also, whether your perforation application requires a Tip-To-Tip configuration or a Tip-To-Gap configuration, NuTEC has the answer with perforators maximizing the Thermal Transfer characteristics of your products. This provides you with easier and more efficient freezing and/or cooking, while enhancing the finished shapes of your products to give you just the right "Look And Cook" that customers require.
So whether it's "Perforating" or "Scoring" NuTEC has the right machine to fit your needs.
Please give us a call!  815-722-2800