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Food Forming Systems

    Uniformity from patty to patty, link to link, nugget to nugget. Nutec's technology assures minimal product damage and accurate, consistent portions, hour after hour, whether you run beef, chicken, pork, seafood, alternate meats or veggies. 

    Whatever your production requirements, Nutec can meet the need. For instance, in patty forming our smallest Food Former, the 710, runs up to 3600 patties per hour. Our largest former, the 760, runs up to 25,200 patties per hour. With 3 models in between, Nutec can meet any of your capacity requirements!

    710V - Mechanical Former-15-60 strokes/min*, 250 lb hopper

    720 - Hydraulic Food Former - Up to 2,600 Lbs/Hr

    745/65 - Hydraulic Food Former - Up to 3,600 Lbs/Hr

    745E 100% Electric Food Former - Up to 4,500 Lbs/Hr

    760 Hydraulic Food Former - Up to 5,500 Lbs/Hr

    Provatec 760E 100% Electric Food Former - Up to 8,000 Lbs/Hr