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Portion Depositing Systems

    Versatile and reliable, Provatec's C-Frame Portioning Depositors fit into production lines to deposit bases, fillings, and tops for everything from stuffed sandwiches to egg rolls to quesadillas. 

    Our line of portion depositing systems are available in either hydraulic or 100% electronic versions, with usable forming widths between 15.75" (400mm) and 40" (1000mm) 

    790H Depositing System - 100% Hydraulic

    NuTEC's 790 Depositor easily integrates with existing equipment in your production line.  The 100% hydraulic operation accurately deposits a variety of fillings for sandwiches and multiple layered products.




    • Rotary vane pump forming
    • Hopper available in 400 or 600 pound capacities
    • Up to 4,000 pounds per hour
    • Standard depositing widths 16" - 40"
    • Deposits up to 2" thick

    *Maximum speed varies with portion size

    790E Depositing System - 100% Electronic

    NuTEC's 790E Portion Depositor is 100% electric and completely eliminates the need for hydraulic oil.  The energy efficient design eliminates much of the routine maintenance of other similar models, reducing downtime and lowering repair costs.



    • Rotary vane filling system
    • Variable speed 1 to 80 strokes per minute
    • Up to 8,000 pounds per hour
    • Standard depositng widths 16" - 36"
    • Mold plate thickness up to 1"
    • 100% Servo design reduces the number of moving parts
    • User-friendly operator interface
    • External electrical cabinet

    **Maximum speed varies with portion size