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Nutec Certified Advantage

Your time is valuable. How can Nutec Manufacturing help you gain up to 6 hours per week?

What would you do with additional 6 hours per week? Would you add these additional hours to your Production Schedule or spend that time with Family and Friends?

Nutec Manufacturing can give you that precious time by helping you maximize productivity, minimize downtime and improve overall performance.

Contact your Nutec Regional Account Manager for more details on how we can help you regain those precious hours. 

You can reach us at (815) 722-2800 or


What is the true cost of product give-away?

NuTEC Manufacturing has developed a series of calculators that are designed to help illustrate the true cost of product give-away, and to show you how to turn this back in to profit for your Company.

For example, did you know that as little as 1-gram give away per patty can result in over $50,000 per year of lost profit?

The attached examples help you look at product give-away in two different ways: formed portion over-weights and product loss.

How can NuTEC help you convert this loss in to profit? Contact us today for an evaluation.